Azure and Rippleshadow Forever

First off, lemme just say that AZURE IS A BOSS. SHE KICKS ASS. (Like Riddle, heh) And when she comments on her minion’s typing, she talks in parentheses (Did you really need to say that? They’re not STUPID—they’ll figure it out. –eyeroll-). Back to profile….

Azure’s looks: (Ooh, talking in the 3rd person!)

Pelt- Silver tabby with a small nick in her left ear, white flash on her chest, and white front paws.

Eyes- Ice blue with silver flecks around the pupil

Azure’s History: (Will this be too revealing…?)

Azure was born Azuresplash(HOW DARE YOU USE MY FULL NAME?!)to her mother, Lilystem. Her siblings are Reedshadow (Reedeh!) and Bubbleshine (OMG MY SIS IS DA BOMB!). Her father, Smokestripe, was a very kind and loving father (Oh thanks o3o). Overall, her family was very happy. Except for her uncle, Silverclaw(THE MOST ANNOYING--). He (HOW DARE YOU CUT ME OFF YOU--) ended up killing himself (-sulks-) when he tried to jump the gorge. (Meh. Not much of a loss.) As you can see, she didn’t like him very much. (He tried to give me “the talk” when I was 3 moons old! And you feel SORRY for him?!?) Okay, I didn’t know that. (That conversation started when--) THAT’S A STORY FOR ANOTHER DAY, PLEASE.


Azure has no mate. ( I want a mate…) However, she says if she gets a mate, she wants a tom who looks good, is nice to others, (I NEED SOMEBODY TO LOOOVE!) loyal, (I DON’T NEED MUCH, JUST SOMEBODY TO LOVE!) and willing to accept that she is a kit-stealer. (I NEED SOMEBODY TO—Oh, did you type that? -blushes- and it was a Justin Bieber song too. Bleh. Anyway, I think that’s enough, correct? This is Azure, signing off.)

(And I hope you don’t share this.)

(Or I will claw your face.)

She won’t, don’t worry.