Azure's Den

You walk into what looks like a small cave with lichen covering the entrance. As you go inside, you realize the ceiling is about three tail-lengths above you head, and 10 cats can probably fit inside (laying down). There are 2 tunnels branching off from the main cave. Above the tunnel to the left, there is a sign that reads, "Storage" in neat writing done in paint. To the right, the sign for the tunnel reads, "Kits and other stolen animals" on a rather large sign, in the same neat writing done in paint. In the back of the main cave, there is a nest made of feathers, bracken, and moss. You realize with a gasp that a silver tabby is in the nest. "Oh, sorry for intruding," you say. "I'm Azure, and this is my den," she says, then gets up and pads over to you with narrowed eyes. "What is your business here? I'm afraid I can only offer shelter for one night. But if you do not need to be here, then I'm going to ask you to leave." You nod, and she pricks her ears, hearing a kit's squeal. "If you'll excuse me," she says. "I need to check on my kits. If you are staying, then the guest sleeping areas are in a smaller cave to the left of this one. If you are leaving, then be on your way, and I wish you well." She pads into the tunnel to the right, and after a couple heartbeats, she cannot be seen.

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